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Joey Jbr  Born & Raised in The greatest Boro Brooklyn, NY. "SunSet Park".
check my Life my story from my early years as a kid to my teen years to my adult hood. I was Gonna write down my Bio But figure it would take to long so instead I made a video talking about my life and what I been threw from my past to my present its been a journey from the streets to the stage to the military and back to the stage Recording independently writing producing my own music shooting and editing my own videos learning as i go. When i was younger I wanted to be big rock / rap stars but as i got older & realized its not all about the fame and fortune its about the love the music the creativity that i notice I enjoyed most see I create and do all my music as a hobbie now its my passion my love my Sanity. Meeting great people along the way I enjoy when fans write me and say how much they love my music its just an awesome feeling
Its my way to express to them my feelings and what Im going threw in each song I release
Touring world wide with One Love
Recorded a song with Mark Wahlberg "Feeling Irie"
for the Movie "Fear"

Open up Shows for Many Artist
Produce Songs for Variety of Artist & Much more.
CEO Jbr Productions, Inc
The BatCave Studios.

Understand The Man behnd the Mic
Get to know Joey Jbr the artist You may only know him from Social Media Now you can get to hear first hand who Jbr really is a man with goals a man with dreams a man who is dedicated to his music and most of all his fans. Enjoy the Video. I gave music a Back seat put my Music career on hold to serve My country

                  MY LIFE IN THE MILITARY
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  1. Honor our Fallen
    Honor our Fallen
    Our Captain made these patches for us after we lost a few brothers in Combat it was a real bad day for all of us I Think of my brothers daily SFC Hilton SFC McKay SGY Palmateer Miss and Love u Brothers.
  2. Captured Enemy
    Captured Enemy
    Life in the Military was Amazing Met so many good Brothers Combat Family Living the Grunt life. Afghanistan 2008
  3. Living on the Edge
    Living on the Edge
    We did patrols daily outside the wire every time we went out it was a rush not knowing what or if anything will happen always on our toes. Afghanistan 2008
  4. Pioneer 5 My Team
    Pioneer 5 My Team
    Life as a Gunner you couldn't put me anywhere else I rather die fighting with my M2 50 Cal then just sit inside the Vehicle My Job was Gunner and i loved every minute of it.